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Photo Addendum

Andrew’s free Jam Session raises some practical applications to the principles that he shares in his photography jam session.  These principles aim to enhances your skills behind the lens to elevate your client experience, your digital lookbook, and your craft.


Not everyone has professional grade photography equipment, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t practical tips for those that utilize their phone to capture their work.

We all have tools in our kit that we have mastered along the way. But cameras? They’re a tool that is daunting to master, but a versatile one when you do.

Lighting and white balance may be one of the most difficult components of photography to get dialed in, but when you “get it” – it transforms what you can do.

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

Practically Applicable!

It would be near foolish to dismiss that a camera can be a potent tool for a hair professional. Not only can it change how you see your results, but it can also enhance your client experience and showcase your work in your digital lookbook.

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