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Andrew Does: Everything He Knows

Andrew’s Jam Sessions go into the depths of his expertise on business, marketing, photography, cutting, styling and everything hair related.  Andrew invites you into this intimate setting to learn his process and how to apply it to your craft so that you may elevate your career to the next level.


What if taking better pictures meant attracting the clientele you dream of?

Not everyone has professional grade photography equipment, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t practical tips for those that utilize their phone to capture their work.

We all have tools in our kit that we have mastered along the way. But cameras? They’re a tool that is daunting to master, but a versatile one when you do.

Lighting and white balance may be one of the most difficult components of photography to get dialed in, but when you “get it” – it transforms what you can do.

So Many Choices…

The terrifying thing about buying your first camera is the thought of spending hundreds of dollars to end up with the wrong one. You want your instagram content to look like that of someone who is already raking in clients and opportunities through their hair photos, but there is a very real possibility that buying the wrong camera will just be a more complicated and expensive approach to getting photos that look just like your phone. How important are megapixels? Should you spend more on a camera body and worry about getting a better lens later? How do you get a blurry background? Which features will be worth spending extra money to get?

In this video, you will find all of these answers, and a streamlined yet thorough lesson about the difference between expensive gear that will take snapshots which look like a phone, and cheap gear that takes professional looking portraits. If you’re looking to learn general photography, go watch a buyers guide for general cameras. If you’re looking to get hair photos that win competitions, gather the interest of potential clients, and help you to stand out next to the barbers and stylists who are still shooting haircuts with their phones, you don’t want to find the best first camera, you want the best first portrait camera. This video will show you how to find exactly that, eliminating the risk of buyers remorse.

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

What if you could get paid more to only do the hair you’re excited to do?

Did you know the average reported salary for a hair professional in the USA was less than $27,710? That’s the equivalent of  $13.32/hour! While that isn’t quite at poverty levels, it may feel like it for some.


The reported income for the top 10% of hair professionals was less than $44,190.  That’s the equivalent of $21.25/hour.  That seems quite a bit better, but theres still room for improvement.

There are some professionals out there that seem to have unlocked the secret to making real money. At the highest level, hair professionals can be seen making above $70,000 all the way into six figures!


Andrew spends almost three hours discussing the business of cutting hair. He covers the importance of working with clients who are a good fit for you, and how this kind of work will elevate your value as a haircutter, maybe even to the point of changing the culture of hair. Andrew’s Compendium is a comprehensive look into not just the “how” of his techniques and business methods, but the more importantly the “why”. 

Andrew invites you to witness four distinct haircuts and styles, each with real, unscripted, and unrehearsed consultations to demonstrate his entire client experience. This work is customized to meet the requests of the models and voiced over to explain step by step procedures, not just about the how, but the why.

“If I could just cut a little faster or see more heads in a day…”

What if you could be booked out longer and charge more for your services?

The idea of not wondering whether you have clients tomorrow or not can be a thing of the past. Learn how to build relationships with reliable clients that appreciate your time.

They say the average haircut is $28, but after commission or booth rent – even the average haircutter is struggling to take good money home. You can change that.

Why not tip the scales back into your favor and take control of your career? Don’t continue to be complacent, change the trajectory of your career now.

A Good Approach To Haircutting

In this video series I explain and demonstrate the things (both technically and philosophically) that I deliberately set out to include in my own haircut services after I decided to “reach that next level” and have a truly rad career.

While it is full of technical demonstrations, this is not a series about how to repeat steps to mimic my haircuts, it’s about how to understand hair, and also how to understand your client.

This course is loaded with things that I absolutely believe will result in you having a much longer wait and a much higher price than the barbershops on your street, if that’s where you happen to want your career to go.

“The only place where success comes before work is the dictionary.”

Andrew’s Set List

This entire Jam Session is released immediately. On the day you purchase, you will receive the entire course.

  • Andrew Does Photography : Buyer’s Guide
    45 minutes
  • Andrew Does Photography : The Buttons Pt. 1
    25 minutes
  • Andrew Does Photography : The Buttons Pt. 2
    24 minutes
  • Andrew Does Photography : Understanding Focus
    16 minutes
  • Andrew Does Photography : Understanding Light
    20 minutes
  • Andrew Does Photography : Creating Good Light (2021)
    23 minutes
  • Andrew Does Photography : Using Flash
    17 minutes
  • Andrew Does Photography : Editing
    42 minutes
  • Andrew Does Photography : Troubleshooting
    18 minutes
  • Andrew Does Photography : Live Class
    41 minutes
  • Andrew Talks : Skill, Hospitality, Expertise.
    24 minutes
  • Andrew Does : A Scissor Fade
    26 minutes
  • Andrew Talks : Instagram
    23 minutes
  • Andrew Does : The Uncut Cut
    12 minutes
  • Andrew Talks : Speaking Hair
    9 minutes
  • Andrew Talks : Problem Solving
    12 minutes
  • Andrew Talks : Above and Beyond
    10 minutes
  • Andrew Talks : Thursday Night
    13 minutes
  • Andrew Does : A Razor Cut
    15 minutes
  • Andrew Talks : Hairarchy Pt. 1
    22 minutes
  • Andrew Talks : Hairarchy Pt. 2
    17 minutes
  • Andrew Talks : Hairarchy Pt. 3
    13 minutes
  • Andrew Does : A Fade
    24 minutes
  • Andrew Does : Consultations
    15 minutes
  • Andrew Does : Assessments
    17 minutes
  • Andrew Does : Scissor Work
    15 minutes
  • Andrew Does : Gravity
    19 minutes
  • Andrew Does : Flow
    18 minutes
  • Andrew Does : Texturizing
    26 minutes
  • Andrew Does : Hair That Shows Skin
    38 minutes
  • Andrew Does : Styling
    38 minutes
  • Andrew Does : Staying With The Client
    9 minutes

Your Hair Jam Session Includes

32 Sessions

32 videos totaling almost 12 hours of content will be released to you immediately for you to consume to your hearts desire!

Technical Demonstrations

Andrew demonstrates four unscripted consultations and haircuts. Additionally, Andrew demonstrates proper lighting and photography techniques in addition to his strategies for photo editing. Lastly, 

Topical Lectures

32 videos contain the expertise that Andrew has gained after years of perfecting his craft and educating around the world.

Frequently asked Questions

When does the Jam Session begin and finish?

This is self-paced Jam Session that we suggest taking at least 4 weeks to digest. You have access to the videos for one year. You are free to take this Jam Session based on your need and at your own pace.

How long do I have access to the Jam Session?

You have access to the videos for one year from the date of your purchase.

Can I have Andrew's phone number?

C’mon, you know the answer to this! If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Andrew through the “Messages” functionality on the website.

But...What if I don't like what I see?

Well, we certainly bank on that not being the case. Nevertheless, we have implemented methods to know how much content has been accessed and refunds may be issued on a case by case basis and may or may not be a full or partial refund depending on how much content was viewed. But remember, being kind goes a long way!

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